Software Security Engineer as a Service

Innovation makes security testing cheaper and safer

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The future of penetration testing

You are good at building awesome software products, but making them secure is a different ballgame altogether. You know it's needed, amongst others because your customers ask for it. However:

  • Your own software engineers lack time, skills and focus.
  • Penetration testing / ethical hackers miss important vulnerabilities and the communication is mediocre.
  • A snapshot penetration test (pentest) doesn't comply with continuous deployment: the week after a pentest you add new code and can thereby introduce new vulnerabilities.

We offer security advice in a new way, cheaper and safer, with the following innovations:

1. Software Security Engineer as a Service


A security specialist joins your engineering team

2. Unique Security Review Environment


Makes us three times more efficient then ethical hackers

3. Improved communication


Report to management and technical details to software engineers

What makes our Software Security Engineers unique?

Software Security Engineer as a Service

Software Security Engineer as a Service

One of our software security engineers becomes part of your team. The main task is security code review, but relevant subtasks are: acting as a sparring partner for secure design choices, sharing best practices, and helping you to answer questions of your customers. You add a dedicated security specialist to your team.

Unique Security Review Environment

We are developing an Security Review Environment which our software security engineers use. It integrates with your code repository, and it enables use to analyze code three times more efficiently then others. For instance, because we can see the code that changed in the last commit: by reviewing only that code after each commit, we make sure you are always on top of your vulnerabilities; not just after a pentest report.

Issue collaboration

Improved communication

We send issues found by our security engineers directly to your issue tracker (GitLab, GitHub, Jira, etc.). Next to this, we deliver a monthly overview report for the management team; to track security progress but also to show to your customers. And finally, we don't just communicate vulnerabilities, but also strategies to mitigate them. Thereby your engineers can fix them quicker.

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