With years of cyber security experience we've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We believe the current security industry does not do enough to help developers make secure products. Often you end up with a big list of vulnerabilities, now what?!

Sharing this frustration, we decide to create Codean to help developers build secure products in the best way we know possible.

The team

Kevin Valk

Kevin Valk


My story

Since the age of ten I had a passion for computers. At the age of thirteen I got into reversing and exploiting online games. This lead me into fascinating experiences and jobs related to software development and cyber security.

When I was 18, I got into a particular sticky situation. I developed an advanced cheating system for an MMORPG exploiting multiple vulnerabilities. Luckily this episode was resolved properly, but it was the catalyst to start improving software instead of breaking it. Some time later I found a security problem in the game Skylanders from Activision-Blizzard. I reached out to the studio responsible for the game and was able to spent a year in silicon valley to improve the game security.

A lot more has and will happen that enables me to find and resolve all kind of cyber security issues. Codean is my vehicle to help as many developers to fight of my past selves.

My story

My career started in 2007 when I co-founded Greetinq BV, where I experienced both ups and downs of startup life. After winning a national TV-show in 2009 the media celebrated me as a successful entrepreneur, but four months later I was almost bankrupt and had to reorganize the company. A tough phase in my life, but fruitful regarding lessons learned.

We held on, and sold the company in 2012. Afterwards I wrote a book on my learnings (Startups & Downs, 2014) and shared the lessons in coaching and talks. From 2011 up till now I've guided hundreds of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. As trainer and coach for startups, teaching at universities, and managing incubation programs. I also shared my startup lessons in the corporate world as innovation consultant at VODW (now EY VODW), and currently at the Rabobank Innovation Factory.  

I am currently part time involved with Codean to develop the strategy and grow the business.

Arthur Tolsma

Arthur Tolsma

Business Cofounder

Pool of freelance security analysts

To make sure we can always deliver the quality you expect from us, we work together with freelance security analysts. Each and every freelancer is hand-picked and someone we have worked with before.

Due to the architecture of Codean, your Software Security Engineer as a Service will never call in sick or be unavailable. The work is picked up by our pool of security analysts. Because of our Integrated Review Environment, there is no switching cost associated when we internally switch our security analysts.